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Using trash compactors will allow you to go much longer between trips to empty out your trash
At Best Disposal Inc., we know that no matter what kind of construction project you’re working on, or what size, that project will generate waste. Even the most scrupulous workers can’t use one hundred percent of their materials, and there will inevitably be some scrap left over. A key part of any construction operation is managing the disposal of that waste, which is typically done via a dump truck that periodically carts away all the accumulated trash to a landfill or other waste disposal facility. These dump truck visits can slow down operations, so many in the construction industry have turned to additional methods, such as trash compactors, to cut down on the need for them as much as possible. Here’s why we at Best Disposal Inc. think that you should be using trash compactors.

A trash compactor looks similar to a dumpster, but instead of just empty space to put trash, it also contains a metal ram to crush your trash into smaller, denser pieces. Most space in a dumpster or dump truck is taken up by empty air between items, no matter how full it appears. Compactors allow you to make more efficient use of these empty spaces by squeezing all the waste material into a small a space as possible. Using trash compactors will allow you to go much longer between trips to empty out your trash, as you can simply crush the accumulated scrap to the bottom and add more on top.

While fewer trash pickups might seem like a small thing, the difference it can make to the speed and efficiency of your operation is definitely worth it. If you are interested in renting a compactor for your next project, call our team at Best Disposal Inc. today.