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We offer container rental and garbage disposal for residential and commercial clients in Lexington, NC & surrounding counties.

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At Best Disposal Inc., we offer container rental and garbage disposal for residential and commercial clients in and around Lexington, North Carolina. One aspect of our business that sets us apart from our competitors is our strong focus and emphasis on recycling any items that we possibly can. We believe in keeping garbage out of the landfills.

Our team at Best Disposal, Inc. has been offering garbage disposal, container rental, and compactor rental and service since 1996. We offer variable pick-up schedules, which means that we will come out and retrieve your garbage container as often as necessary. If you are planning to put a dumpster or recycling container at a retail business or apartment complex where tenants and employees might produce a lot of trash, you may want to consider scheduling a weekly pick-up, so the containers don’t become overloaded. We also offer bi-weekly or monthly pickups, or we can come out as needed when your container starts to fill up.

If you are planning a home renovation project, talk to your contractor about renting a container from our team. This gives the construction workers space to store and get rid of waste from the demolition project and keeps your regular trash cans or dumpsters free for the trash that your household produces on a daily basis.

Key Reasons to Schedule Garbage Disposal Properly

No two places have the same garbage disposal needs, so you need a company that will work with you to ascertain the best pick-up schedule for you. At Best Disposal Inc., we understand that your situation might call for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pick-ups, as well as on-demand. Here are the key reasons why you should schedule your garbage disposal properly and things that can affect the frequency.

  • Odors- If your business, neighborhood, apartment complex, commercial center, or other property creates odorous garbage, you may want to have it picked up more often. Waiting until the dumpster is full may not be the best idea if the odors are creating an offensive environment near where people hang out.
  • Rodent and Insect Control- Frequent garbage disposal is important if rodent and insect control is a priority, such as for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and residential areas.
  • Location- If you have no choice but to have your dumpster in a location that is visible or otherwise problematic, you may need to adjust pick-up so you avoid it spilling over. Location can also be a factor if it is so accessible that nonauthorized people are also using it.
  • Business Fluctuations- Some businesses are commonly busier during certain times than others, and if you want to avoid an overflow situation, you may need a specialized pick-up schedule, which we are more than happy to accommodate. The same goes for seasonal differences.
  • Exceptions to the Rule- There are any number of things that can result in needing pick-up at a different time. For example, an apartment building could suddenly experience several move-outs, resulting in an increase in garbage from the exiting tenants.

At Best Disposal, Inc. we focus on our customers to make sure you have a positive experience with our team members. We even received an award from the Lexington Chamber of Commerce! We are proud to offer our garbage disposal services to properties throughout Lexington and many of the surrounding communities.

We provide services to the Central Piedmont area, including Lexington, Salisbury, Asheboro, Tyro, Advance, High Rock Lake, Archdale, Thomasville, High Point, Greensboro, Jamestown, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, Arcadia, Midway, Spencer, Clemmons, Trinity, Wallburg, Mocksville, Sophia, Denton, Davidson County, Guilford County, Rowan County, Forsyth County, NC, and any other nearby surrounding areas of North Carolina.


At Best Disposal Inc., we offer garbage disposal services to those in Lexington, Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.