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compactorsFor every box of product that comes into your business, there is something that goes out the door as trash. Depending on the type of business you have, the amount of garbage can be almost overwhelming. When this is the case, you have a number of ways you can handle garbage removal.

  • Dumpster Size – Dumpsters come in sizes all the way up to 40-yard ones that can hold as much as 20 pickup truck loads of garbage before needing to be emptied or replaced. This may be a fine solution for some businesses, but it won’t work for all of them. If you are concerned about the appearance of such a large dumpster on your property or simply do not have the space for this size, you will need to look to other solutions.
  • Service Schedule – You can go with a smaller dumpster if you set up a service schedule that empties the dumpster more frequently. Since service can be on an as-need basis or as frequent as daily, this is often a good solution.
  • CompactorsTrash compactors are often the absolute best solution if you want the best sanitation possible and a nice, clean appearance on your property. Just as with regular dumpsters, compactors can be emptied on whatever schedule works best for your business.

At Best Disposal Inc., we offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and as-needed service schedules for our Lexington, NC area customers that have compactors. Keeping compactors emptied at the right schedule avoids both overflows and malfunctions. Give us a call today to discuss your trash removal needs and to find out more about trash compactors. Let us be at your disposal!