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Commercial Trash CompactorTrash compactors are fantastic for making life easier, plus they are environmentally friendly. Compactors allow you to accumulate much more trash in a smaller space than conventional garbage bins, which means that less waste ends up in landfills. And the less trash in landfills, the better for everyone.

You can still put the same type of waste in compactors that you usually put into regular garbage bins, which means, yes, you can also put glass in. However, if your neighborhood has a glass recycling bin, perhaps sending it there would be a more eco-friendly decision. But it’s your choice.

When putting glass in a compactor, remember to place it in the center – not directly on the bottom. This eliminates the possibility of it slicing through the compactor bag. It also protects you from being cut by glass shards.

Putting mushy trash and liquids into a compactor can get very messy because they tend to squirt everywhere inside while being compressed. Therefore, if possible, refrain from putting these into the compactor.

Being aware of the above tips will certainly help you operate and appreciate this handy piece of equipment, which can be a lifesaver for your business, or even if you have a big family that accumulates lots of trash.

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