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Frequently Asked Questions About Trash CompactorsWhen trash starts piling up, it’s difficult to know the best way to deal with it. Trash compactors can provide a perfect solution to prevent the accumulation of waste at your site. If you’ve never had one installed before, you probably have many questions regarding how they function and if they’re right for you. We’re here today to answer your questions!

How do trash compactors work?

Trash compactors take your trash and crush it down into a smaller size for convenience. This means that any waste materials that are taking up space in your dumpster will be consolidated to fit more trash. Anyone who has an abundance of waste products, such as excess cardboard or plastics, will find a trash compactor to be a handy way to keep their business running smoothly.

Which type of compactor should I use?

There are various types of trash compactors available depending on your space and waste needs. For wet items, such as certain foods, you can opt for a self-contained trash compactor. These are smaller compared to their other models like a pre-crusher compactor (used for bulkier waste) and are also mobile. Meanwhile, a stationary compactor stays in place and is great for dry waste products, like paper and fabrics.

Which materials should I avoid compacting?

Anything that is flammable or toxic, including oily rags, firearms, batteries, or lit cigarettes should not be placed in a trash compactor. It’s best to dispose of these in a container where they won’t be able to contaminate or damage your site.

I’m in! Now what do I do?

Get in touch with us at Best Disposal Inc.! Because we’ve been locally owned and operated since 1996, we have the knowledge and experience to help you determine the best type of trash compactor for your business’ needs.  Let us be at your disposal!