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managing waste pickup

Construction operations generate a lot of waste. On average, a new construction project generates 3.9 pounds of waste per square foot of the finished product — tons of waste that needs somewhere to go. Part of a successful construction project is managing waste pickup, but too many trips to dispose of trash and scrap material in a landfill or other facility can become a nuisance at best and a drain on the project at worst. To save waste removal trips, many construction specialists use trash compactors. To help you decide whether trash compactors are right for your project, our team at Best Disposal Inc. has put together this brief guide to how they work.

Trash compactors are tools that are used to crush large volumes of waste material into much smaller spaces. When compacted in this way, much more trash can fit into the bed of a dump truck, meaning that fewer trips are needed to dispose of all the waste material at appropriate facilities. While different models might have their own specific variations, in general trash compactors use a metal ram to force the material into smaller pieces. Even when a dump truck appears completely full, a large percentage of that volume is lost to empty air and space between the different materials. The trash compactor forces all the air out and crushes everything together so there is no more empty space.

If you are interested in renting a trash compactor, our team at Best Disposal Inc. can help you select a model that is right for your need. Call us at Best Disposal Inc. to learn more about what our disposal services can do for you.