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Yard Waste Recycling

Our yard waste recycling services will not only allow you to save room in your trash receptacle for other waste, but also help you contribute to creating a greener planet.

Yard waste makes up about 25% to 50% of what people throw away on a regular basis. When you throw away yard waste from your Lexington, North Carolina home or business, it eventually decomposes in a landfill and releases harmful methane gas. While many landfills have devices to eliminate this gas, it is best to prevent the problem at the source. At Best Disposal Inc., we want to help you forgo dumping you leftover yard materials into the trash with our yard waste recycling services. This will not only allow you to save room in your trash receptacle for other waste, but also help you contribute to creating a greener planet.

When you take advantage of our yard waste recycling services, we will take care of the entire composting and recycling process for you. This means that we will provide you with a container to place your yard materials in after a project and then schedule to pick them up, leaving you with an empty receptacle to fill up again. As a testament to our focus on customer service, we will also devise a customized pick-up and yard waste recycling plan that complements your personal needs.

Common Users of Our Yard Waste Recycling Services

At Best Disposal Inc., we are dedicated to doing our part to protect the environment, and one part of that is providing yard waste recycling so that yard waste doesn’t head to the landfill. We have found that there are many situations in which we can provide a separate receptacle for yard waste to aid in this endeavor. Here are a few of the common users that take advantage of this service.

  • Apartment Complexes- As a maintenance team trims hedges, rakes leaves, and performs other yard maintenance, they create plenty of yard waste that can quickly clog the dumpster meant for your tenants’ use. Solve that problem with our yard waste recycling program.
  • Golf Courses- While maintaining the immaculate grounds that your golfers and other visitors expect, go one step farther and use our yard waste recycling receptacle as a place for the grass trimmings and other grounds maintenance waste.
  • Large Residential Properties- While a small lot might not produce enough yard waste to make yard waste recycling quite as necessary, if you have a larger property, it could prove beneficial. Whether you do this for annual leaf clearing or all through the year, you can feel good that you are helping the environment.
  • Commercial Properties- Everything from office buildings to retail shopping centers often have large greenspace areas to appeal to the public, and that means plenty of waste from moving, trimming, and more.
  • Gated Communities- A community in which the individual owners are not involved in the landscaping, but your maintenance and grounds team is, is an ideal situation for yard waste recycling.

Contact us at Best Disposal Inc. today for more information about our yard waste recycling services and a quote regarding your recycling needs.

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At Best Disposal Inc., we offer yard waste recycling services to those in Lexington, Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.