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If you are involved in home construction, commercial property construction, renovations, remodeling, woodworking or any other business that has to deal with wood scrap and wood demolition, you could be helping the planet by using wood recycling services rather than sending it all to the landfill. It doesn’t even take that much more effort to do so.

Wood Recycling

You may be wondering about just how wood recycling can help the planet. The answer is more involved than you might think. Not only does wood recycling reduce the amount of waste in our country’s landfills, but it also preserves wood resources. Many wood products can be made from recycled wood rather than cutting down more trees. By involving your business in wood recycling, you can save hundreds of trees a year from being taken from our nation’s forests.

Currently only about 6% of recycled materials are from wood recycling, but with your help that number could grow. Wood recycling is even trailing behind metals at nearly 9% and plastics at about 13%, so it is very important that more businesses consider wood recycling.

The more companies involved in wood recycling the better, as it will encourage product renovation for using the recycled product. Pallet consumption alone currently takes about 10% of the lumber used each year – wouldn’t it be great if companies could use recycled wood for this purpose?

If you would like to know more about wood recycling and how easy it is to get started, give us a call at Best Disposal Inc. in Lexington, NC. We would be glad to get you started with wood recycling containers and tell you about all the benefits. Let us be at your disposal for any of your material disposal needs.