Wood Recycling and Why it is Important

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Most people know that you can recycle plastic, paper, and organic materials. Not as many people know that you can also recycle wood. Wood recycling is taking old, unwanted wood scraps and turning them in to a new and useful product. Wood scraps can come from just about anywhere. Some common places for wood scraps are construction sites and demolished buildings. There is a misconception that products made from recycled materials are inferior. This could not be farther from the truth. Recycled products are extremely well-made and ready for further benefit and use.

Wood Recycling and Why it is Important

There are quite a few benefits of wood recycling. The first and foremost benefit is that it helps to limit the number of trees that need to be cut down to produce new products. When wood is recycled, it fills the need for new wood to be harvested. Wood recycling also helps to keep our landfills from filling up with wood. Lastly, making recycled products is less expensive than making the same product from new wood. This helps to keep products affordable.

There are many ways that recycled wood is used. Recycled wood can be used just about anywhere in your home to make floors, walls, doors, beams, and wood to frame your home. There are also other uses like wood chips for landscaping projects and wood for retaining walls.

If you find yourself with wood scraps or extra wood, please give us a call at Best Disposal Inc. We are happy to help you with your wood recycling.