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Plastic RecyclingRecycling rates have increased dramatically in the past ten years. Only about 15 million tons of waste were recycled back in 1980, but that number has grown to over 85 million tons in the past couple of years. Unfortunately, plastic recycling only accounts for about 13% of the total. More than 30 million tons of plastic ends up in landfills and even our oceans. Statistics tell us that it takes as much as 1,000 years for plastic to decompose. This is why responsible businesses that use large amounts of plastics in their day to day operations should be taking part in plastic recycling.

There are other ways in which plastic recycling helps our planet besides just keeping the plastic out of the landfills and oceans. Companies are actively using recycled plastic instead of producing more plastic. Since plastic production uses about 8% of yearly global oil production, making less plastic reduces our dependence on oil because it is not needed as a raw material in the production of the plastic. Additionally, technology is in the works for other ways to use recycled plastic. One potential use is by separating plastics and converting them directly into fuel. By converting plastic back into crude oil at a cost less than what crude oil is selling for, this would be an incredibly cost-effective solution.

With so much riding on plastic recycling, your business should do its part to get involved. Use recycled products whenever possible, and give us a call at Best Disposal Inc., in Lexington, NC to get started with a plastic recycling program as well as other recycling services. Our planet’s future and our children are depending on you. Let us be at your disposal!