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recycling in Lexington, NC During the course of industrial production, the generation of waste material is inevitable. If not handled properly, the volume can quickly exceed manageable proportions. The use of a suitable recycling trash compactor is a step in the right direction. Because each industry has varying requirements, a number of factors must be taken into account when choosing the right compactor.

The first thing to consider is the volume and type of waste being generated. Trash hauling can be expensive, but these costs can be reduced significantly by hiring an industrial compactor. Waste can either be dry or wet, and the choice of compactor will depend on this.

Usually, self-contained compactors are preferable for the wet waste generated in schools, hospitals and food establishments. Conversely, a stationary compactor is used for recycling dry waste like paper, plastic, aluminum and cardboard. If paint filters and radioactive materials are involved, then the trash will need to be specially treated.

Space is another consideration. A vertical compactor, or one that’s designed for apartments, takes up less space. Bear in mind that you not only have to have sufficient space for installing the compactor, but there also has to be enough space to operate it. This determines whether it will be outdoors or indoors. Another concern is the odor emanating from the garbage. If this is applicable, a compactor with an air sanitation system should be considered.

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