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waste managementIn recent years, society has become more aware of the need for waste management. Businesses and homeowners should be mindful of environmental regulations that control the disposal of trash.

Waste disposal has become an entire industry, and it’s not only about removing waste. Today, organic waste is segregated from inorganic and non-recyclable matter. This has enabled cities to utilize organic waste as compost for public areas.

Besides the ecological benefits of waste management, it is also advantageous to health. In the past, burning waste in a backyard or at a landfill was common practice. This is no longer permitted because scientists discovered that when plastics and garbage are set on fire, they emit particulate matter that is suspended in the air. Exposure to this can increase the risks of developing respiratory problems, such as emphysema and asthma, as well as heart disease.

Proper waste management means relocating garbage to areas where it can be left and disposed of in a safe and legal manner. If every home or business owner did this, the health risks associated with pest infestations and exposure to biohazards would be dramatically reduced, so please play your part!

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