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Recycling, Greensboro, NC

We can provide you with recycling containers in Greensboro, NC that are dedicated to cardboard, metal, wood, plastic, and even yard waste.

Recycling, Greensboro, NCIf you are interested in helping to clean the earth and make it a greener and healthier place, the best way to start is with recycling. Contrary to popular belief, recycling is not a difficult process. It is simply the act of reusing or putting recyclable products in a separate area than usual garbage. Recyclable items include:

  • Clean Metals– Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, aluminum bakeware, steel and tin cans
  • Paper- Cardboard, magazines, newspaper, cardboard juice/milk cartons
  • Clean Glass– Clear glass, brown glass, green glass
  • Clean Plastics– Check plastic codes to see if they are recyclable
  • Batteries/Lightbulbs/Electronics– All of these items can be recycled, but should not be placed in a regular city-supplied recycling bin. Old car batteries can be dropped off at participating automotive retailers, and for old electronics and light bulbs, you can check with your local municipality to see where a drop off site is located.

If you or your business is located in Greensboro, North Carolina and needs help with recycling, our team at Best Disposal Inc. would love to help. We can provide you with recycling containers dedicated to cardboard, metal, wood, plastic, and even yard waste. We have different size options available and can set a pick-up schedule that fits your needs. You may require a recycling container if you are renovating a home, cleaning up your yard, spring cleaning, or doing a work or school project. Whatever the reason, we would be proud to help you help the environment!

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