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construction dumpsters in Lexington, NCWhen tearing out rooms and demolishing before starting home renovations, it’s important to have somewhere to put all the debris. You can put your head in the sand and hope it goes away by itself . . . or you can rent a container! Containers are also known as construction dumpsters or roll-offs. But how does the average homeowner go about renting one?

Rental companies usually deal with contractors, so it will help your cause if you get to know the lingo about renting a roll-off. Construction dumpsters are available for rental in standard cubic yard sizes. However, instead of saying cubic yards, use the industry’s terminology and rather say simply ‘yard’ or ‘yarder’. For instance, if you were talking about a 20 cubic yard dumpster, say you’d like to rent a ‘twenty yarder’.

If you plan to put the container on the street, your local permit office can give you information about any permits you may need. This is something really important, so you’ll want to get clarity on the matter before your dumpster arrives. However, if you are able to place it on your own property, you won’t have permit worries.

You’ll almost certainly need a dumpster a size bigger than you think you need. Drywall, scrap wood, carpeting – all these waste products take up space. Remember too that dirt, rock and concrete need more weight than volume.

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