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Construction dumpsters are helpful for remodels

Remodeling a home or other property always looks exciting on television– especially the demolition day! Getting to rip out ugly cabinetry or terrible carpet is a great way to refresh and revitalize a space. However, when you remove all the old materials, you need a place to put them! That is where construction dumpsters come in. Construction dumpsters are helpful for remodels, new builds or demolitions alike and come in different sizes to accommodate different needs. Here at Best Disposal Inc., we try to properly educate those who opt for our construction dumpster rentals about what can go in to these dumpsters and what cannot. Here are a few examples.

Things you can put in construction dumpsters:

  • Construction or demolition debris
  • Old furniture (some cities will not accept mattresses, so check with your local regulations)
  • Trash
  • Carpeting
  • Yard waste (which can also be separated and recycled)
  • Some latex paints, although many cities allow these to be recycled
  • Anything non-hazardous

Things you cannot put in construction dumpsters:

  • Old tires
  • Batteries of any kind (they leak acid which leaches into the ground water)
  • Electronics
  • Appliances that have freon
  • Paint thinners, solvents, and oil-based paints
  • Anything considered hazardous

These are many of the items that you can and cannot put into a construction dumpster, but as always, it is best to check with your local municipal authorities on what is or isn’t accepted. Without doing this, you could end up with extra fines or fees added onto a tight construction budget. If you are going to use a construction dumpster, let us know at Best Disposal Inc., and we would love to help get you the right choice for your project.