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Garbage DisposalWe know that maintaining a clean business is important to our commercial customers, and to their own customers and employees. Sanitation is an important part of any work place, but dealing with waste disposal is not something often talked about. However, when it is not done well, it is something noticed by all.

The size of your business, the amount of solid waste and/or type of waste produced, and the space provided for garbage collection will all come into play when deciding what size and type of receptacle is best for your business, and the frequency of pick up. At Best Disposal Inc., we will be able to help guide you through this and through any regulations in your area or for your type of business.

Once you have your garbage disposal plan in place, there are a few tips you should follow to ensure all things will work smoothly and your business is kept free of waste:

  • Be aware of the space around the receptacle.  It is important that access to the receptacle is not blocked and that we will have easy access for pick-up. It is important for employees to keep this in mind, and is something usually a bit of good planning and a well-placed sign can help ensure.
  • Save space by breaking down large items.  While these receptacles are sized to fit your needs, large and bulky items placed inside the receptacles can take up a lot of that space, limiting the space within for your normal waste product. Instruct employees to break down large and bulky items. Better yet, get a recycling bin as well and encourage any items that can be recycled to be placed in those bins.
  • Do not overload the receptacle.  Overloaded garbage disposal receptacles, either from excessively heavy items not normally discarded, or from overflowing receptacles, can make it difficult for pick-up and can often create more of a messy look for your business, which is something you likely want to avoid. If you foresee a particularly heavy week due to any remodeling or other abnormal needs, talk with us ahead of time and we can work out a schedule for additional pick-ups or containers during that time.

While garbage disposal is not always the most pleasant thing to discuss when planning for your business, it is certainly a necessary one. Let us help you make this necessary part of your maintenance plan all the smoother.