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Yard Waste RecyclingMost people recognize that putting their yard waste into a compost pile is an effective and earth-friendly way to handle yard waste, but unfortunately many residential properties simply don’t have the space to dedicate to this method. It may even be frowned upon in some neighborhoods and communities. So, what can you do if you want to do your part to keep all this yard waste from going to the landfill? The answer is yard waste recycling services.

With yard waste recycling, a container is dropped off at your property, and then it is picked up when you are finished. The materials are then recycled rather than filling up a landfill. At this point, roughly 13.5% of municipal solid waste that is recycled comes from yard trimmings. With your help, yard waste recycling can increase even more than it has in recent years. With everyone doing their part, we can preserve what makes our planet so wonderful.

At Best Disposal Inc. we can help you with yard waste recycling on a regular basis or during those large yard cleanup projects. Since we have a wide variety of yard waste recycling container sizes, we can accommodate whatever size project you have in the works. We also work with businesses and communities. Even if your area offers horticulture trash receptacles, our yard waste recycling can come in handy for the larger projects such as seasonal tree and shrub pruning. Give us a call today, and let us be at your disposal!