Types of Dumpster Rentals and How They’ll Work for You

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Types of Dumpster Rentals and How They’ll Work for YouGetting rid of waste can be an overwhelming task. The more trash, the harder it is to figure out how you’re going to remove it easily. Dumpster rentals provide a practical solution. What most people don’t realize is there are two main types of dumpster rentals available, depending on the amount of waste at your job site.

Hook Dumpster Rentals

Hook dumpster rentals, equipped with hook-lift containers, are ideal for remodeling jobs and other smaller construction gigs. These containers are attached to a truck by a hook and can be moved easily without the driver even having to leave their vehicle. Because this process is so efficient, multiple bins can be loaded and unloaded fairly quickly. In addition to that, their smaller sizes allow them to be conveniently placed on your site without getting in the way of your business.

Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

These types of dumpster rentals are larger and better equipped for demolition sites. In a roll-off container, trash will, like the name suggests, roll off the back of the truck once the container is angled properly. Compared to hook-lift containers, this is a slower process and requires more room to be effective, but the amount of waste it holds is much greater than a hook-lift container. Plus, there are more roll-off container sizes available than with a hook-lift. This can make roll-off rentals more desirable in the long run.

Whichever dumpster rental you choose, our team at Best Disposal Inc. has you covered. We provide rentals to various commercial, industrial, and residential sites in Davidson County and the surrounding areas. Contact us today, and we’ll hook you up with the right kind of dumpster rental so you can know your waste is taken care of.