How to Make Commercial Recycling Easier

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Businesses produce a lot of recyclable waste. We here at Best Disposal Inc. can help dispose of this recyclable waste with our recycling rental bin service, making the commercial recycling process much simpler for business owners. If you own a business and are trying to reduce your business’s carbon footprint, here are some ways you can make the process easier.

How to Make Commercial Recycling Easier

•  Purchase separate recycling bins for different materials. We offer recycling bin rental services for many different types of recyclable materials, including plastic, wood, cardboard, and more. Your recyclable waste should be separated and sorted beforehand, so it helps to have separate recycling bins for you and your employees. This will make the recycling process much easier when it comes to knowing which recycling bins to rent.

•  Know what type of waste your business produces. If your business doesn’t have much wood to recycle, you likely won’t have any need for a wood recycling container. However, if your business receives a lot of product shipments in cardboard boxes, you’ll know ahead of time that you need a cardboard recycling bin.

•  Reduce the amount of waste you produce. You can save money by reducing the number of recycling bin rentals you need to purchase by reducing the amount of waste you have. For example, you can switch to ceramic mugs instead of paper cups in the break room for employees getting coffee. Other tips include flattening cardboard boxes and crushing plastic water bottles before placing them in the recycling bin to save space.