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Are you planning to perform a large remodel in Lexington or the Central Piedmont area? Or are you running a construction site or business location that produces large amounts of waste on a regular basis? At Best Disposal Inc., we are here to make getting rid of old materials, debris, and unwanted items easy with our commercial hookbox services.

Our hookbox containers are 14 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 5 feet tall. They are also equipped with an open top and a door off the rear container for easy access. We provide these containers for a flat rate. These containers are ideal for projects in tight areas because they can be placed in smaller areas without sacrificing the amount of waste they can hold. We can also schedule pick-ups based on the needs of your project and will customize a pick-up plan specifically for you.

Contact us at Best Disposal Inc. today to find out more about our commercial hookbox service and other waste disposal services.

Commercial Hookbox Services in Greensboro, NC